Compostable paper bags for organic waste 9 l - 30 pcs

Paper bags for the easy storage and disposal of organic kitchen waste. The kraft paper is firm, resistant against moisture and compostable.

Produced in the Czech Republic. Measures 20 x 36 x 16 cm.

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About this product, how does it work

Composting is an easy way to reduce the contents of your garbage bin as vegetable and fruit leftovers comprise up to half of household waste.
An important issue is to find the best way to store organic waste. In a standard plastic bag the waste gets damp, mouldy and soon develops bad odours. Emptying the bag is not a joy either. Furthermore, a soiled plastic bag doesn’t belong in the yellow container for plastics. Therefore, it has to be cleaned or be disposed of in the regular municipal waste.    
Kraft paper is more resistant against tearing and moisture than common paper. At the same time, bags made from this firm material are more permeable which allows the excess moisture to evaporate. The organic waste doesn’t develop strong bad odours as a result. These bags can then go onto the compost heap together with the food waste, as they biodegrade easily.
The bags are made in the Czech Republic and contain 40 % recycled paper.
An alternative to plastic compostable bags with a minimal ecological footprint.

What to use it for

For collecting and short-term disposal of organic waste in households. We recommend putting the bags in ventilated bins for organic waste with a volume of approximately 10 l.
You can accelerate the ripening of the garden compost by using our Compost activator, which contains a balanced mixture of bacterial cultures and enzymes.

Bag measures: 20 x 36 x 16 cm.


Composition: paper, recycled paper (40 %)
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