Drain cleaner

Biological drain cleaner

Enzyme-based natural cleaner which decomposes clogged waste and organic matter in drainage system. Suitable to use in kitchen and bathroom. Does not damage plastic, ceramics, stainless steel and chrome; good to use for septic tanks. Ideal for regular use as a prevention of odors from clogged waste system.

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500 g ziplock

  • as prevention: 1 measuring cup per week
  • in case of clogged waste and drainage system: 1 measuring cup a day


  • Pour measuring cup of the cleaner into warm water, shake well and leave it for 45 minutes. Pour the dilution into water drainage system for its activation; if possible overnight.
  • Store in a dry place at the temperatures of 5-25°C.

PREVENTION AGAINST CLOGGED WASTE SYSTEM: The best prevention against clogged waste system is to use mechanical kitchen or bathroom filter strainer. Do not pour oil and food leftovers and into the kitchen sink. Make sure the hair will not get into the drainage system (hair is a very good waste trap). Usage of biological drain cleaner is a very good prevention. In case of more serious need, you may use PUER oxygen stain remover and whitening powder-bleach (instruction manual is available on PUER product) for cleaning of the waste and drainage system. In case of completely clogged system, it is necessary to clean it mechanically.


směs přírodních mikroorganismů a enzymů, neobsahuje geneticky modifikováné bakterie


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