Glass water bottle 0,5 l

This elegantly minimalistic bottle is ideal not only for water, but any other beverage. It is made from quality Czech borosilicate glass which tolerates a wide range of temperatures. If you gradually cool the glass down, you can pour hot, cold or fizzy drinks, whether tea for warming up or a refreshing drink with ice cubes. Unlike plastics, glass deals with beverages well without absorbing their odours. You know yourselves that water from glass tastes the best. 

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.

The bottle has an ergonomic shape and will fit nicely into your hands. In order to achieve an optimal seal, the bottle has a carefully produced wooden lid with a quality inner plastic thread.

Maintenance is easy and practical. The wide neck of the bottle allows for easy cleaning of the inside. The bottle itself is dishwasher safe. However, the wooden lid must be washed by hand. Unlike plastics, the hard, quality glass cannot be easily scratched. If you wash your bottle in eco-friendly detergent, you can be certain of enjoying your drink in a healthy and safe manner.

The bottle does not release any harmful substances into your beverage. It does not contain any toxic lead or cadmium, which laboratory tests have found in some glasses, nor any BPA or phthalates contained in some plastics.

Even though glass made from borosilicate is much more resistant than common glass, please handle the glass carefully so that it can serve you for years.

The water bottle is produced from recyclable glass and is very eco-friendly in another aspect – you can easily imagine the amount of plastic bottles you will save by using our glass bottle However, borosilicate glass may not be put into the green or white container. When the bottle has served its time, please take it to the recycling centre or alternatively dispose of it into the municipal waste.


borosilicate glass, plastic, wood.
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