Eco Garantie Laundry powder for colours (bucket 15 kg)

Laundry powder for colours

Ecological detergent for coloured clothing. Suitable for babies and people suffering from allergies or eczema. The product doesn’t contain any fragrances, oil derivatives or other irritating substances.

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250 g paper bag
Number of doses in the packaging: 17 (price per dose: � � 0 . 0 0)
Number of doses in the packaging: 57 (price per dose: � � 0 . 0 0)
850 g paper bag
Number of doses in the packaging: 57 (price per dose: � � 0 . 0 0)
5 kg paper bag
Number of doses in the packaging: 333 (price per dose: � � 0 . 0 0)
15 kg bucket
Number of doses in the packaging: 1000 (price per dose: � � 0 . 0 0)

About this product, how does it work

We have developed our laundry powder for colours to contain only those ingredients which present the lowest burden to the environment and our health. The most effective components are soap nut powder, which contains a natural cleaning detergent (saponin) and olive oil soap flakes.    
Thanks to the composition of the powder, one tablespoon per washing cycle is sufficient. In addition, you will take home only active substances, not water. Thanks to its loose form, the powder can be distributed without the use of plastic packaging.
If you wish to add a special scent to the powder, it is easy to do so by adding a few drops of your favourite natural essential oil (either to the powder dosage itself or into the storage container).

For fleece textiles, we recommend using a laundry gel as using the powder could reduce their absorption properties.

What to use it for

  • for coloured textiles from natural fibres or mixed fabrics
  • machine washing as well washing by hand (with minimal temperature of 40 ºC)
  • due to its sensitive ingredients the powder is also suitable for children's clothes or cloth diapers (we recommend washing cloth diapers at a minimum temperature of 60 ºC in order to kill all bacteria in addition to treating any stains prior to washing)  

How to use it

Instructions for use: 15 g powder (1 tablespoon) for a washing cycle.
If materials allow, the minimum temperature should be 40 ºC (to facilitate the dissolution of sweat and grease).
Washing in hard water: We recommend using our Water softener or increasing the amount of powder by up to double. Water hardness may be determined by our Water hardness testing strip.
For stains: Before washing, treat stains with Gall soap or Olive oil soap with lemon extract (the vegan alternative). To remove organic stains (sweat, grease, wine, grass, soil) from colourfast textiles, you can also use PUER -  Oxygen stain remover and bleaching powder.

For heavily soiled clothes: Increase the amount of powder by up to double or let the clothes soak in warm water mixed with 1 – 2 tablespoons of PUER bleaching powder before washing, ideally overnight.
Rinsing: We recommend using our Laundry rinse as it neutralises pH of the washing bath and rinses residual of impurities and detergents, thus preventing possible skin irritation.

Perhaps you wonder about...

How to wash clothing in a really eco-friendly manner? Isn’t it too difficult?

If you want to enjoy a perfect laundry result and do good both to nature and your health, it is important to combine the YELLOW & BLUE products properly. Together with our partners, we organise seminars about the most effective eco-friendly ways of washing in order to provide you with more detailed information. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime (you can use our contact form or just give us a call).


> 30 % sodium carbonate, 5-15 % sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), 5-15 % silicate, trisodium citrate,  < 5 % soapnut powder in organic quality, olive soap powder (olive oil soap, sodium chloride).

For our household products, we choose only those ingredients which present the lowest possible burden for our health and our planet. Our products are not tested on animals. This product does not contain oil derivatives, optical brightening agents, synthetic fragrances, dyes or enzymes.


Contains: sodium carbonate, silicate.

WARNING: Causes serious eye damage. Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have the product container or label at hand. Wash hands and the affected parts of the body thoroughly after handling. Wear eye protection. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention. Dispose of contents/container by handing it over to a waste disposal authorised person or return to the supplier.

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