Loofah round small  2 pcs

Loofah natural - round small (8 cm) 2 pcs

All-purpose natural loofah with soft fibres. Suitable for skin care as well as fine cleaning. The perfect choice for promoting blood circulation or a skin massage as well es removing dead cells and freeing clogged pores. In addition, this loofah is a practical aid for cleaning even hard to reach places. The product hasn’t been chemically treated and is easily compostable.

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.

About this product, how does it work

Our loofah scourers are made from the fruits of the plant Lufa cylindrica, also known as sponge gourd or Egyptian cucumber. It is said that even the Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself had known that besides being suitable for making delicious salad, loofah can be used to produce splendid cosmetic utensils.

Ripe fruits of loofah resemble cucumber. For processing, they get peeled and soaked in water until the seeds and the soft flesh come out. What remain are firm fibres. Having been dried out and cleaned, they turn into natural sponges, scourers and other useful tools.

Even though a dry loofah is firm and coarse, it softens and increases its volume quickly after soaking. Due to this specific property, loofah is an ideal material even for a gentle face care. Loofah is a great help for removing dead skin cells, promoting blood circulation and rejuvenating the skin. A perfect alternative to plastic sponges and washcloths.

Packing 2 pcs.

What to use it for

  • cosmetic pad (face peeling)
  • for massages (when bathing or using a sauna)
  • for precise cleaning (joints, mixer taps) as the fibres of this loofah get even to the most hard to reach places (which cannot be cleaned even when using a toothbrush); we recommend using in combination with our Lemon gel limescale cleaner.

How to use it

  • rinse properly with clean hot water after every use
  • let dry completely
  • store in a dry place (high moisture in bathrooms causes mould build-up)
  • clean your loofah regularly with hot water in order to prevent the breeding of unwelcome microorganisms
  • if properly cared for, loofah can serve you for months
  • loofah fibres fall apart gradually, the rest is easily compostable

Perhaps you wonder about...

Why is Egyptian loofah so special?

Loofah from Egypt has thick, flexible, soft and spongy fibres and is therefore the ideal choice for skin and face care (massages, peeling or using a sauna). Although there is a cheaper loofah from Asia that is commonly being sold, its fibres are less firm and resistant to water and the Asian loofah is generally not as pleasant to touch as the Egyptian loofah.


100% Egyptian loofah, 100% cotton string.
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