PEFC Pot brush

Wooden pot brush

You will appreciate our hardwood, hard-bristled brush any time you need to wash heavily burned dishware.
The brush is plastic-free and, in addition, a really nice piece for your kitchen.

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.
Natural 1 ks

Our round brush from non-treated beech wood with natural agave bristles is the perfect utensil anytime you need to apply more pressure when washing up (pots, pans,
baking trays or baking bowls). The bundles of durable bristles can reach even in difficult to access places.   

The brush fits into your hands nicely. If you don’t use the brush, it can stand on its bristles, thus drying out more easily. If you can, place the brush on a separate plate or saucer. Our wooden brush is the perfect replacement for plastic sponges and steel scourers. And when washing up, your kids will like it too.

If you want to extend the lifespan of the brush, rinse it after every use with hot water and leave to dry out properly.
For a more thorough cleaning of the brush, we recommend using our Washing-up gel.


PEFC-certified wood, agave bristles
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