Set of vegetable storage bag from bamboo and organic cotton (3 pcs)

Bamboo terrycloth and organic cotton bag for the storage of leafy and root vegetables in particular.
The perfect alternative to plastic bags. Compared to any storage method, the vegetables stay fresh multiple times longer.

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.

Do you also feel sorry when the vegetables you’ve bought go bad quicker than you’ve had the chance to eat them? When you have to throw them away unnecessary?
Our bamboo terrycloth bag will help you to keep your vegetables fresh even if you do not have a cellar. Due to its size and shape, even a big lettuce or cabbage fits in easily.
Unlike when using plastic bags, the vegetables won't get heated and so stay fresh longer. The lettuce bag is also ideal for carrots, celery, kohlrabi, beets or leeks.


  • Set includes:
    1× large bag (47,5 × 47,5 cm)
    2× small bag (38 × 38 cm)
  • Soak the bag in water and then wring it out properly so that the bag is moist but there are no excess drops falling. Put the vegetables inside and store in the fridge
    or another cold place. It is very important that the bag stays moist, so check the vegetables every day and if needed, moisten the bag again.
  • Wash the bag before first use. The fabric will shrink by approximately 15 %.
  • Wash the bag as needed, ideally every week or once a fortnight. For real “lettuce fans”, we recommend having more bags in order to simply rotate them.
  • Wash at 40 °C at least, or at 60 °C, if the bag is heavily soiled.
  • For the ecological washing of the bag, we recommend using our Soapnut laundry gel or Laundry powder for whites. Treat any stains with Gall soap or Olive oil soap with lemon extract prior to washing. Do not use fabric softeners, as they reduce the absorbent properties of fibres. We recommend using Laundry rinse instead.


60% bamboo viscose, 40% organic cotton

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