Stainless steel straw straight

Our lovely stainless steel straws are extremely durable, unbreakable, easy to clean and, most importantly, you can use them repeatedly.

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.

With these non-toxic straws, you may enjoy your favourite drinks at home or directly at bars, cafes or restaurants with a clean conscience, saving the planet from loads of completely unnecessary disposable plastic straws that place a huge burden on the environment.

The price includes a cloth bag from organic cotton. 

For restaurant owners: THE AGE OF PLASTICS HAS ENDED! Surprise and delight your guests!

The straws are non-toxic, BPA free and contain no chemicals. We use type 304 stainless steel, which is standardly used in the food processing industry.

We recomend cleaning with a BRUSH in warm water with WASHING-UP GEL YELLOW & BLUE.

Dimensions: length 215 mm, diameter 6 mm.

Made in China.


Material: food-grade stainless steel 304

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