Starter set of eco-friendly household products CZ

Would you like to try out taking care of your household with our ecological YELLOW & BLUE products? The starter set contains ten products that help you to wash white and coloured clothing, remove stains, wash the dishes and clean your household. Please have a look at the enclosed flyers to learn how to use and combine these products correctly. Should you be planning to help a friend “go green”, this set could be the perfect gift :-) 

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.

The set contains a water hardness testing strip, small water softener (250 g), gall soap (43 g), PUER - stain remover (250 g), laundry gel with lavender essential oil (250 ml), laundry powder for whites (250 g), laundry rinse (250 ml), washing-up gel (250 ml), universal household cleaner (250 ml), citrus degreaser – concentrate (250 ml),  lemon gel limescale cleaner (250 ml). We have added these new products to the package Bika - baking soda (250 g) and scouring powder from soapnuts (250 g).

Enclosed to the set is the brochure YELLOW & BLUE ‘’ that will explain to you the principles of ecological washing and cleaning, the individual products contained in the set as well as ways to combine them effectively.

Please find more details about the individual products contained in the set at the appropriate links.

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