Toothbrush medium – bulk 10 pcs

Bamboo toothbrush medium – bulk 10 pcs

This bamboo brush has been developed for sensitive, but thorough everyday care for your teeth. The head fulfils
the requirements of modern design trends and due to its careful ergonomics can clean even the most difficult to access cavity spaces. The shape and position of bristles match the quality of premium conventional toothbrushes. Our bamboo brush is light, pleasant to touch and makes an elegant and tasteful impression sitting on the wash basin. By using our bamboo brush instead of a conventional one, you avoid using non-degradable plastics in your everyday life.   

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.
Hardness of bristles: medium

Length of the toothbrush: 18 cm

Made in China.

The handle is made from grind bamboo and will fit into your hands easily due to its ergonomic shape. The soft bristles help to clean your teeth sensitively. They are made from
a mixture of nylon and vegetable, ricin-oil based plastics and don't contain any harmful BPA (bisphenol-A) substances or phthalates.We recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. You will know it is the right time when its fibres start fraying. 

Our tip: After the toothbrush has served its time, break off its head and put it in the municipal waste. You can throw the handle onto the compost heap or re-use it for other purposes, e.g. as a name tag for a vegetable patch. 

Why is bamboo so great?

Bamboo is an excellent renewable source. It is the most quickly growing plant on earth. Due to its natural content of antimicrobial substances, it is not necessary to use fertilisers or pesticides during its cultivation. 

Are bamboo toothbrushes bio-degradable?

Bamboo is a 100 % natural material and thus fully compostable. The bristles however are not fully degradable and compostable despite the fact that they contain a significant amount of vegetable substances. Until the 1930s, the bristles of most toothbrushes were made from pig hairs. And this is the only possibility for having a 100% degradable toothbrush even today (provided the handle is made from wood).  

We have been considering the use of pig bristles, as a natural material, for a longer time. We discussed their use with dentist. In their opinion, pig bristles are not the ideal choice as microorganisms attach to these bristles. Not only don't pig bristles meet current hygiene dental standards, they can even ruin the whole point of brushing your teeth.
This problem doesn't exist when using nylon bristles. Additionally, as nylon is not an animal product this solution is also ideal for the vegan lifestyle.

Bristles made from bamboo?

Some producers say that their bristles are made of bamboo. If you get hold of such a toothbrush, try a simple test: light up a match and expose the toothbrush to its flame. If the bristles look like they are nylon-made and start to melt, as if they were made from a plastic material, there is only one explanation possible – they really ARE MADE FROM PLASTIC. There are no toothbrushes with bamboo bristles because no such bristles are produced. Just try to imagine bristles made of wood. And bamboo is wood!


The brush body is made of Moso bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the earth. It contains natural antimicrobial substances and therefore it is not necessary to use fertilizers or pesticides for cultivation.

Bristles are made of 100 % nylon. Contains a part of plant material but are still not 100% compostable.

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