Washing soda

Sodium carbonate - powder washing soda.

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5 kg paper bag
15 kg bucket

Washing soda softens water, thus protecting the washing machines against limescale buildup. It dissolves fat and removes stains from textiles. Washing soda is used for washing and soaking of more dirty laundry (socks, working clothes, towels). Washing soda is one of the key ingredients when producing homemade laundry powder and soap slime, which belong to the most economical and eco-friendly ways of doing laundy (if the right soap is used without synthetic chemistry, parfumes, colouring and palm oil).

FOR HARD WATER: Make your work easier and determine the water hardness by using our WATER HARDNESS TESTING STRIP. As washing soda cannot soften all levels of water hardness, we recommend using our WATER SOFTENER to improve the washing results. The WATER SOFTENER reduces the usage of laundry detergent and restricts the sedimentation process in textiles (ingrained stains, clothing turning grey) and in the washing machine.

FOR STAINS: Before laundry, we recommend applying our GALL SOAP or OLIVE OIL SOAP WITH LEMON EXTRACT.

RECIPE FOR SOAP SLIME: Grate 1 pc of laundry soap (approximately 170-180 g) or LAUNDRY SOAP FLAKES and pour hot water in a 10 l bucket. Add 100-150 g of washing soda and mix properly (a hand blender can be used). Beware not to use an excessive quantity of soda, as it may lead to the clothing turning grey. Pour hot water and mix again.

For white linens, we recommend PUER whitening powder, to add a LAUNDRY RINSE as a shade prevention. We also recommend to add GALL SOAP FLAKES. In order to prevent the clothing turning grey, add a spoon of PUER – Oxygen stain remover and bleaching powder. The slime copes well with stains after normal wear. If you wish to increase the washing effects, we recommend adding GALL SOAP FLAKES. Cover the bucket and let the mix develop. The slime will be ready the next day. DOSAGE OF SOAP SLIME: approximately 250–300 ml for a standard washing cycle. Soap slime is not suitable for washing synthetic materials (e.g. diapers made from polyester fleece). Soap slime is not suitable for washing in hard water.

RECIPE FOR LAUNDRY POWDER: Mix washing soda with a finely grated laundry soap or OLIVE OIL SOAP POWDER in a ratio of 4:1 (e.g. 400 g soda and 100 g soap). Mix carefully and with caution, in order to avoid inhaling the soda. The powder should be put in a bucket with a cover in order not to dry out. DOSAGE: adapt to the volume of the washing machine and the quantity of clothing. For 5 – 6 kg, we recommend using 2 to 3 spoons. If white residue of the powder remains on dark clothing after the completion of a washing cycle, use less powder next time. For whites and to prevent the clothing from turning grey, add one spoon of PUER – Oxygen stain remover and bleaching powder.


Sodium carbonate


Safety precautions: WARNING. Causes serious eye damage. Do not breathe dust.

IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so. Continue rinsing. Get medical advice/attention.

Disposal: Please bring unused product to a collecting site for special and hazardous waste. Rinse the empty packaging properly and put it into recycled waste.

Chemical minimalism: For our household products, we choose only those ingredients which present the lowest possible burden for our health and our planet. Our products are not tested on animals.

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