Furoshiki – wrapping cloth from organic cotton Tierra Verde Violet Pattern

Ecological gift packaging to a wrapping cloth made from organic cotton by furoshiki method.

Bohužel se nepodařilo vložit do košíku.

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

The original cloth design is based on the Tierra Verde logo.

Furoshiki is the perfect method for wrapping birthday or Christmas presents in an original, ceremonial and eco-friendly way. Furoshiki was invented in Japan and has gained huge popularity worldwide recently due to an ever increasing interest in environment protection.You can wrap basically everything with this cloth, e.g. presents in boxes, books or items with atypical shapes. The final look will always be that of elegance and beauty. The person receiving the present will in fact receive two gifts, the second being the cloth itself as it can be used beyond its original scope. Our wrapping cloth is universally applicable and may just as easily be turned into a shopping bag or a tablecloth.


The term Furoshiki ( 風呂敷 ) is used to describe a square piece of cloth or fabric which originally dates back to the Japanese Nara period. Originally, the Japanese people used furoshiki for wrapping up their clothes when visiting the local bathhouses. Due to their practicality, the furoshiki cloths quickly began to be used also for other purposes and to an extent which may be seen as the predecessor to today's shopping bags. Even today, the Japanese sometimes use these cloths to wrap their lunch boxes. It is perhaps not very likely that you would start wrapping your lunch to work or school into a neat piece of fabric, but you may use the Furoshiki wrapping cloth for wrapping presents. It is very easy, just try it!

The following video gives practical instructions and tips on how to use Furoshiki wrapping cloths.



  • Organic cotton is planted at eco farms that follow clear rules for organic food and cotton, from seeds to the final production of the cloth including sewing. The use of toxic chemical agents during plantation or production is forbidden, as these may cause harm to the workers and the environment. Genetically modified organisms are banned as well. 
  • Clothes made from organic cotton do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Unlike synthetic materials (polyester, fleece), organic cotton does not release plastic microfibres during washing. As wastewater treatment plants cannot deal with these microfibres, they end up in rivers and seas, contaminating water and soil, causing harm to animals and sometimes ending up on our plates. 


Organic cotton, from which your new bedding is made, has been grown, produced and certified according to the standards of the international organization GOTS. These standards set out the methods relating to growing cotton, its harvesting and the production of clothes and other textile products including colours, threads and buttons, while having regard to the social and working conditions of the workers. Find out more about cultivating and producing organic cotton (in English).

Maintenance: Wash at 40 °C, preferably in a gentle detergent. Do not use fabric softener.

Shrinkage up to 5 %.

Made in India.


100 % GOTS-organic cotton
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